Frequently asked questions  (FAQ)


Q:What is a double skin?
 A double skin is one skin over the other, with the shaved side out on both sides. The back is much smoother then with a single skin as the flesh side is on the inside on both sides. They also have more volume and tone and react to the slightest touch at the back. Therefore you can manipulate the tone with slight pressure.

Q: What is a sound chamber?
A: A sound chamber is a hollow rim with 10 large holes all round the inside of the rim. This helps to give more resonance and volume.

Q: What is a grooved rim?
A: A grooved rim is a rim with 2 slices cut out of the rim opposite each other. The idea was to make it easier to hold. A grooved rim is not available with sound chamber.

Q: Can I choose other type of skins?
Yes, in addition to my standard goat skin bodhrans it is also possible to choose an Irish bodhran made from one of the skins listed below. For more information please contact me @ brendan@bodhran.nl

  • Horse Skin
  • Deer Skin
  • Ivory Coast Goat Skin
  • Guinea Goat Skin
  • Lambeg goat skin

If you have any other question that you would like me to answer, do not hesitate in writing a comment below and Ill make sure to reply!