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Brendan White Bodhran Testimonial

The illustrious Brendan white Traditional Irish Bodhran has arrived, I’ve had many Bodhrans and never met one I didn’t like and all the makers I’ve dealt with are great people Brendan White Bodhrans to me personify the attributes of the traditional Irish Frame Drum, There’s just to many testimonials by all the legends and enthusiasts alike that will agree with me that Brendan makes fantastic Drums, this one is a complete Beauty. Thanks Brendan !!!

1 thought on “Brendan White Bodhran Testimonial

  1. These new drums look really interesting looking forward to trying one out Ive always liked his drums and recommend them to my students when I teach. Ive always liked the old style sound of the Charlie Byrne style bodheran and if Brendan has achieved this id be delighted

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