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Bodhran community

The Bodhran Community – tab is the place where I feature all musicians that have been kind enough to give reviews to my bodhrans, great bodhran teachers from all over the globe, a bunch of thanks to all the people who have been supporting me trough the years and last but not least, some very useful links to any bodhran lover.

All images on this page are clickable and they re-direct you to different sub pages of the website.
I hope you enjoy navigating through my content!


Amazing musicians who have been kind enough to give my bodhrans their thoughts and reviews.

Musicians Bodhran


Teachers around the world who teach the art of playing the bodhran.

teachers brendan white bodhrans

Credits & Thanks

Showcasing my gratitude to all the people who have been supporting me through the years.

credits brendan white bodhrans


A collection of links I have gathered through the years, including great bands, useful websites and much more!

Links brendan white bodhrans