Credit & Thanks

Special credits & Thank You’s to all the people who supported me in my journey! Danu & Donnachadh Gough Tommy Hayes I remember seeing him with Stocktons Wing in the early seventies and he opened my eyes, and my ears, to the possibility of the amount of tones you could get from a simple drum. Donal Lunny For an important tip that I apply to my Bodhrans to this day. I could not understand how he was getting the doubles and trebles playing with his finger. He smiled and showed me he was tipping the back of the skin with a finger, hmm simple eh. I still cannot do it Gino Lupari From the group 4 Men and a Dog, who gave me the idea of the sound chamber. Johnny Mc Donagh (Ringo) Who gave me the idea of the double skin. He has the very first one I made. All great players and salt of the earth. Mick Crowley (Crowley’s Music shop 27 Mc Curtain St Cork, Ireland) Who gave me advice on the design. He was very surprised that I listened to him, and even more surprised when I applied it. It helped to improve the sound. To my Neighbors on both side’s: Eric and Marlies Toine and Miriam Who helped me put theory into practice. Also for putting up with the smell of goat. A very special thanks to Isabelle who guided me and put up with my luncy and galavanting since we met. The other 3 Sarah, Roisin and Emer who grew up with it and never noticed that I was a bit nuts until they got common sense which was very early. I love you 4 to bits Thanks also to all the players and Shamans around the globe who choose to play on my Bodhrans.