Some musicians who own and play my Bodhrans have been kind enough to give their testimonials/reviews.

“I am very happy with the 2 new bodhrans. The 45 double skin has great tones and bass. The 40 double has great tops and I still get a good bass. I have played them in different climates and situations and have¬†never been¬†disappointed.” –¬†¬†Kevin Conneff – The Chieftains

“I find Brendan’s bodhrans to be very reliable in terms of construction and tone. I would highly recommend them.” –¬†Tommy Hayes

“They sound great, get better as they get older, and last a lifetime” –¬†Colm Murphy – De Dannann

“Brendan White bodhrans are instruments of outstanding quality. Their appearance and craftsmanship, sturdy tuning mechanism, deep resonance and rich tone are absolutely exquisite, and they produce a wider range of sounds than most bodhrans. You can also expect caring and excellent service from Brendan. I am happy to recommend them to anyone.” –¬†Cormac Byrne –¬†Bodhran Player and Percussionist with Uiscedwr –¬†Bodhran teacher¬†at Newcastle University

“Brendan’s Bodhrans are the Business! I have a Triple skin and it sounds great in the studio! His single skin drums are Fabulous. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few and they¬†POP!'” –¬†Jackie Moran – Comas¬†

“I am the proud owner of 3 Brendan White bodhrans. Each is unique in sound and each is of great quality. My favourite at the moment is a single skin tuneable bodhran that I got from Brendan about a year and a half ago at the folk festival in Gooik in Belgium. I had no intention of getting a new drum but fell in love with it as soon as I picked it up to mess about on it. It literally sings while you are playing it, has a great acoustic sound and amplifies really well.¬†I am a proud user of Brendan’s bodhran’s at all of my concerts and sessions”-¬†Helen Flaherty

“Have been playing Brendan White’s bodhrans for a long time. Have played others too, but always come back to my favorite B.W. tuneable double skin 45 x 12 cm. It still sounds great after years of giving it stick on tour, in the studio, and in sessions.” –David Hopkins – Hopi

“I am playing on your drum more than 13 years now and it still has this amazing sound. This Bodhran has served me more than well.” –¬†Rolf Wagels

“Don’t leave home without it” “What, American Express?” “American Express my Ass! – Your Brendan White Bodhran!” –¬†Brid Ni Mhaoileoin

“No one here in the U.S has drums like mine. They sound brilliant just like they did when you made them many years ago.” –¬†Phil Christian – Percussionist