Traditional Bodhran 17 inch diameter 12cm wide


Based on an old bodhran made famous by Charlie Byrne. I hope I did it justice. Solid rim and a thick hard skin. A lot of them with the spine very clear to see because of the distressed kind of skins. It needs some breaking in. Donnchadh Gough and Seanie McGrath both agree that a normal skin is at its best when new and then goes down hill. These thick skins get to sound better while they age. The skin is tacked on either 1 row or a double row of tacks. There is the possibility to choose your own skin, if you contact after purchasing.



This traditional Bodhran comes in one size only (17 inch diameter, 12 cm wide). Aside from the set size you’ll have a few options to choose from regarding the following:

  • Choice between a couple of different coloured skins
  • Skin tacked on either a single or double row

Please send me a mail at after purchasing to discuss your choices.

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Postage returns are paid by the sender, repairs are free. Charges will only be applied if material expenses are required.



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