Tuneable 40 cm / 16 inch Bodhran

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A very lively Bodhran, in the right hands it can produce unusual high tones.

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2 reviews for Tuneable 40 cm / 16 inch Bodhran

  1. Warner Reinders

    An absolute beautiful Bodhran. The sound goes from nice deep ‘roar’ to an almost twinkling high pitch, and all the sound in between are also very easy find. I just love this drum. Just big enough (16″/40 cm) so that it handles nicely and produces all those beautiful sounds. It’s very easy to play it load, probably because of the triple skin. With a little bit of effort you can play the drum nice and soft but still with a very good timbre and sustain.

    Thanks Brandon for this great bodhran.
    With friendly regards,

  2. Carlo

    Amazing Bodhran and sound – 10/10 recommend

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