Tuneable 45 cm / 18.5 inch Bodhran

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Breath-taking Bodhran. Characterized by its deep sound, can sometimes be overpowering in a session but excellent in a studio.

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5 reviews for Tuneable 45 cm / 18.5 inch Bodhran

  1. Tom Jones

    Very reliable in terms of construction and tone. Highly recommend.

  2. Michael

    I’m playing this Bodhran with an Double-Skin since a couple of Months,
    and all what i can say is: Amazing!!!! The Bodhran is verry light in weight. The Sound is really amazing full and warm together. I’m playing every Day and the Skins got after a while a much smother and lovely traditional tone.
    I’m playing a lot Outside on Medieval Markets or Festivals and i never had a really large problem with hard changing temperatures and weather ( heat,cold,rain,snow also cold nights or hot days leaving it inside a tent.
    I’f you are taking care of your Skins you will never have a problem on tour!
    All what i do is holding it clean and using after every hard Weekend a good quality Olive Oil and holding it water proof for rainy Events.

    To make it short:
    You are getting a really really lovely Bodhran! Allrounder on Stage or Studio with perfect Tone , good Tuning , Works perfect on every kind of Ambient ,Weather in- and outdoor

    best regards
    Bandpage: http://www.emscherflute.de

  3. Sean Murtagh

    Been playing Brendan White Bodhrans for years and love the tone from them.

  4. Charles DOURNEL

    What a sound ! I’m French and 3 years ago, i ordered one Brendan’s bodhran and it’s the best decision ever took !

    Thank you Brendan

  5. ivo verstraelen (verified owner)

    Beautiful and great sounding Bodhran,
    got all that was promised and more,

    Thank you.

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