Tuneable 45 cm / 18.5 inch Bodhran

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Breath-taking Bodhran. Characterized by its deep sound, can sometimes be overpowering in a session but excellent in a studio.

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6 reviews for Tuneable 45 cm / 18.5 inch Bodhran

  1. Tom Jones

    Very reliable in terms of construction and tone. Highly recommend.

  2. Michael

    I’m playing this Bodhran with an Double-Skin since a couple of Months,
    and all what i can say is: Amazing!!!! The Bodhran is verry light in weight. The Sound is really amazing full and warm together. I’m playing every Day and the Skins got after a while a much smother and lovely traditional tone.
    I’m playing a lot Outside on Medieval Markets or Festivals and i never had a really large problem with hard changing temperatures and weather ( heat,cold,rain,snow also cold nights or hot days leaving it inside a tent.
    I’f you are taking care of your Skins you will never have a problem on tour!
    All what i do is holding it clean and using after every hard Weekend a good quality Olive Oil and holding it water proof for rainy Events.

    To make it short:
    You are getting a really really lovely Bodhran! Allrounder on Stage or Studio with perfect Tone , good Tuning , Works perfect on every kind of Ambient ,Weather in- and outdoor

    best regards
    Bandpage: http://www.emscherflute.de

  3. Sean Murtagh

    Been playing Brendan White Bodhrans for years and love the tone from them.

  4. Charles DOURNEL

    What a sound ! I’m French and 3 years ago, i ordered one Brendan’s bodhran and it’s the best decision ever took !

    Thank you Brendan

  5. ivo verstraelen (verified owner)

    Beautiful and great sounding Bodhran,
    got all that was promised and more,

    Thank you.

  6. Julio Peña (verified owner)

    Great presence and sounding drum, I bought it more than seven years ago, and sounds better and better. Thankyou for this encounter with tradition gift dear Brendan!!!!!

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