Some of my customers and fantastic artists had a couple of kind words to say about my work. I highly appreciate it!

Derek Burpee
Traditional Bodhran Player
"Brendan’s skins are phenomenal. His frame craftsmanship is 2nd to None, these drums personify the traditional Irish Bodhran, I highly recommend these traditional drums."
Danny Cummings
Drummer, Dire Straits
"Yes, killer drum."
Colm Murphy
De Dannann
"Playing Brendan White drums since Charlie died. They're what's required, as far as I'm concerned. They sound great, get better as they get older and last a lifetime."
Tommy Hayes
Traditional Bodhran Player
"These new drums look really interesting and I'm looking forward to trying one out. I've always liked his drums and recommend them to my students when I teach. I've always liked the old style sound of the Charlie Byrne style bodhran and if Brendan has achieved this I'd be delighted."
Eddie Hennessy
Traditional Bodhran Player
"I’m playing Brendan White drums since I started playing the best decision I every made, I bought an over priced drum from another Bodhran maker one time but quickly went back my Brendan White. It's more consistent with weather change and the tone is great!"
John O'Connell
Traditional Bodhran Player
"I've been playing one of your bodhràns for about 29 years now. Played in many cities in Germany, Holland, Scotland and Ireland. And as sweet a sound, if not sweeter today as it was the first time I brought it home. Thanks to you Brendan, a true craftsman..."
Bodhran Player
”My new 18” drum from Brendan is absolutely incredible!" The skin is hard with plenty of bass and just the right amount of boom. Also, because the skin is thick (3mm) it stays in tune really well. The stick sound is wonderful and never loses definition. I used it for recording only weeks after getting it and it responded beautifully in the studio. Brendan, you’ve outdone yourself! These skins are certainly something special!
Johnny Snags Norton
Bodhran Player
"Takes a while to break in but then lovely old school warm deep sound."
Neil Muscatiello
Bodhran Player
"I have been playing a BW double skin for about six years. Great drum. Wide range of sounds. Acoustically my best bass drum. Also, keeps its shape and tone in the varied weather conditions I play in. Can’t go wrong."
Muz van Dijk
Bodhran Player
"The last 15 years, I've been playing a thick-skinned Bodhran, and I will NEVER EVER want anything else, in the beginning it might need some extra work to get it ''broken-in'', but the tones I get from it, are superb, and since mine has the spine obvious going through the middle (with differences in thickness on various places) the different places where you tip/beat/hit the skin, make different tones and nuances, aside from using your ''skin-hand'' to put more tension, or less ''drone'' on it."
Marieke McBean
Bodhran Player
"Brendan White bodhrans and love the sound. I'm currently on my third one. Not bad as I started playing in around 1996."
Helen Flaherty
Bodhran Player
"My first bodhran came from Brendan White. I loved the sound of it then and it has just got better over the years. Built to last, great low tones and lovely to play with your hand as well as with a stick."
Peig Donoghue
Bodhran Player
"I’ve been playing mine for years. Loads of compliments on its mellow tone from musicians from Ireland to Boston. It’s a savage drum. Nice deep base. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!"
Noel Shannon
Bodhran Player
Love the new design with thicker skin lt gives a warm deep sound
Seánie McGrath
Traditional Bodhran Player
Brendan has added a bit of old school magic into this bodhran. It really is something very special. An extra thick goat skin, raw looks, and a sound that I thought was lost forever in the Bodhran making world. It’s the closet thing I have played since the Bodhráns of the legendary late Charlie Byrnes. This Bodhran is made to last, it’s extremely adaptable due to Brendan’s well thought out tuning system, and the skin keeps surprising me as it matures, and it will open up even more with play.

A small taste of some terrific musicians talking about and using my Bodhrans.

“Brendan's bodhráns are an absolute joy to play. His skins are lovely and give a great variety of tones and the tuning system is easy to use so the bodhrán sounds great in any climate and at any time of year. I couldn't recommend these bodhráns highly enough!" – Tristan Rosenstock – Téada

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